Sicof & Csq

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It is  a system of functional test of  end production line.  The refrigerators  parked in a test zone, there are  2 or 3 probes of temperature, in the frigo and the freezer space.  The test can last from 1 to 3 hours to second of  the model, it records the temperatures and at the end of the test it gives  an  indication if the refrigerator works well.  If interface the system to the  PLC it is possible to send automatically the not working in the repair zone.  The system creates the archives of the carried out tests, that it is possible  see  again  or  to  interrogate  for  statistical  calculations.    The  system  is  flexible and expandable, the MAREL srl  has realized small systems with 80  refrigerators,  until  800  refrigerators  for  one  advanced  every  day  production of 2000 pieces.  Also the test software is made  in order to  satisfy all the requirements.

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